Trouble-Shooting your Triad System

The Triad system rarely fails or develops problems. Listed below are many of the reasons your vehicle will not start due to non-Triad issues. The Triad system is designed to lock out the starter and not allow the vehicle to start without the Control Fob. If this page fails to help, please give us a call 916-865-4172 Mon.-Fri. 9-4 West Coast time for additional assistance.

  1. The vehicle makes a clicking sound but will not start. The vehicle's battery is too low to crank. With the Triad system, the vehicle will not make a sound if the unit will not enable the starter.

  2. The key will not turn in the lock cylinder. This is a factory feature call a "Steering wheel lock". To free, turn the key in the ignition while pulling the steering wheel from side to side. The key may be worn out and a new key needs to be purchased.

  3. The vehicle has no interior lights and everything is dead. Jump or replace the vehicle's battery.

  4. The Triad LED turns Green but, nothing happens when the key is turned. If this vehicle is a manual shift, be sure to push the clutch petal completely down while starting the vehicle.

  5. The vehicle shifter may not be in park.

  6. The instrument dash panel has a security light  flashing. This is a factory system condition, not ours. Try locking and unlocking the door with the key, This will sometimes reset the factory unlock feature.

  7. Do not remove the Triad key chain from your keys. The vehicle needs to read the transponder to confirm a start code.

  8. The vehicle's engine will turn over but will not start. This is not our system. We interrupt the starter, if it is our system, there is nothing that happens when the key is turned to the start position.

  9. RV owners have issues with the main batteries. If you have no flashing LED, it is usually the voltage of the RV's batteries. Try jumping the batteries with heavy-duty jumper cables.

If your Triad "Transfob" has been lost or damaged and you need to order a new one,   click here.